Why do I do anything?

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Want to understand out how to motivate people or how you can motivate yourself?

Think paying someone more money will get better results? Think again.

People want autonomy, mastery and purpose.

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How can I motivate people to buy ? Part two

This article follows on from part one on how to motivate people to buy. In fact this applies to most situations where you have to convince somebody to do something.

There are two categories into which every tactic will fall; to manipulate or to inspire. The vast majority will fall into the manipulate category, with only the greatest being able to inspire. I will explain the two in more detail.

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How do I motivate people to buy?

As a sales professional your role is to drive sales to meet your business goals. Different people have different ideas about how to motivate people but most of the greatest people share one similar method which I will share with you today.

For you to inspire other people to do what you want them to do you need to first figure out what inspires you? Think about why you come to work? Think about what drives you and motivates you? I bet you’re thinking, well I want to make loads of money, right? That is a result of what you do and not why you come to work.

To clarify what I mean I will use the example of the late, great, Steve Jobs at Apple.
He had a very clear sense of why. This resulted in him building one of the most successful companies of all time. Let me start by saying how he doesn’t do it and then move on to how he does do it. Continue reading