21st Century Business and Leadership by @LeeBryant from @MeaningConf

In the same way that I was inspired by a vision for the future of business pitched at the Social Business Summit 2012, Lee Bryant delivered a thought provoking and insightful presentation at Meaning Conference last month.

The key ideas which resonated with me were:

  • To be a successful company you need to have a purpose and try to achieve something more than just make money
  • Traditional organisational structures are broken
  • Startups are chasing high valuations, big payouts and IPOs rather than trying to do something they care about. (Company like Snapchat and Pinterest have multi billion valuations with little revenue and no proven business model)
  • Startups work well with a task based organisational structures until they get about 30 people when they try and emulate the broken corporate organisation structure

Video playback of the presentation

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Slides from presentation

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Headshift 2.0

Lee is one of two founders of Headshift which was acquired by Dachis Group.  I lucky enough to spend some time working with them in the London office.  I have a lot of respect for what they have both achieved to date and look forward to seeing their new venture called Post*Shift unfold in 2014. Lee Bryant and Livio Hughes hired me to work at Dachis Group. The thing that inspired me to want to join Dachis was the vision they created at the Social Business Summit 2012 in London and more specifically Dave Gray’s Connected Company presentation and Nilofer Merchant‘s Social Era presentation.

I wish them every success in their new venture.


Why use social media?

why use social media

Are you considering using social media at work or in your professional life?

Are you trying to figure out what social media can help you achieve or see if it’s worth your while?

Read on to help you understand the value social media can bring to your career and some examples of how easy it is to start getting results.

Most people I talk to about social media fall into two categories: those who think it is important but don’t use it much if at all and those who don’t see the point because they don’t think they can get anything out of it.

I want to share some tips on what I have done to achieve a few milestones of success in a fairly short time frame. If you follow these tips you will be able to define what it is you want to achieve and get results a lot quicker than I did.

My social media goals

  • Establish credibility inside and outside my company
  • Build up my personal brand so people know who I am before I meet them
  • Communicate my thoughts and ideas to more people
  • Build up my industry knowledge so that I can be perceived by others as an expert
  • Connecting and conversing with like minded people

If you share any of these goals then read on and I will give you some tips to help you achieve them.

How can you achieve these goals? Continue reading

How to use social media during your event

I have attended a number of different social media related business events over the past few months. I think they have achieved a varying amount of success in being social at the events themselves. This post may give you some ideas as to how you can improve the experience of people attending your events through the use of social media. This is aimed at events which focus on social media as their subject matter because they should be good at this stuff.  This equally applies to any other event that wants to be great at social media in their event.

As a social media event your event should be very socially enabling for the attendees. A social event should be pioneering the way that all events should be run and you should encourage people to be more social while at the events. Some of the simple things that I would do to make it social would be

    • Make sure EVERYONE can get on wifi, this ensures that everyone can participate in the conversation
    • Capture everyone’s twitter handle and/or blog/website on registration for the event so that you can put it on their name badges
    • Have twitter handles for all speakers on the speakers list and attendees list
    • Have twitter handles and hashtags on every single slide of every deck
    • Put event  hashtags on all your on site signage
    • Have a twitter wall to encourage people to tweet and to get more people engaged
    • Make sure that someone has set up a place for people to check into on Foursquare and tell people to check in. If you have a large event, then set up a foursquare badge and tell people in advance what they need to do to earn it
    • Make sure your hashtag makes sense and relates to the event name, so that it is easy to remember. Make sure the hashtag hasn’t been previously used elsewhere
    • Offer prizes for the best/funniest/most important tweet/quote using your hashtag
    • Use http://www.bizzabo.com networking app – as this enables everyone to connect before, during and after the event

Trouble viewing? Watch on YouTube > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kH-euex-Sg

If you use social media at the event, you will not only improve the experience for the people attending but you increase the reach of your event’s hash tagged messages. If nobody is tweeting about your event then anyone who is not in attendance will not get any benefit from your event. There will be less buzz, less conversation and potentially a lower attendance for you next event.

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Your turn

How have you used social media at your events to make it better? What events have you been to that have used social media well? What things did they do well?