What is the future of Social Media? Part 1 – Television

A couple of weeks ago when I was bored on a Saturday night at home, I downloaded an app called Zeebox for my iPad. This is a new concept for an app which uses the second screen concept. The second screen provides an experience that enhances what your main screen is showing you.

This is the blurb on Zeebox.com

zeebox is your TV sidekick
zeebox is a free app that’s with you on your laptop, iPhone or iPad, while you watch your TV. It knows what you’re watching, right now. Not only that, it shows you what your friends are watching. It can give you more information about what you’re watching, instantly. It lets you buy and download relevant stuff. It can tell you what shows are most popular, in real-time. It’s like a quiet, cool, well-connected and unbelievably clever companion, right there on the sofa next to you.

This got me thinking, with all the social data and technology out there, what might the future of television be? Below are a few ideas and predictions around how the technology that is available could be used in the future of television.

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How to make a custom made social newspaper everyday

With all the information out there on the big world-wide web thing, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way of bringing it all together in one place? Think of how many people read a newspaper or a magazine everyday? Anyone who doesn’t read a newspaper probably thinks it is not relevant to their life. Something has come along that will change the way you consume information forever.

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Never enter contact detail into your phone again


I was trawling through the app store looking for something to enhance my life and I came across contact capture.

It is an app which enables you to capture contact information from an email signature, website, document or anywhere else you can copy information from.

All you need to do is copy the contact information to your phones clip board load up the app click capture and your away. Continue reading