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I believe social will only ever be as impactful as it can be when people stop calling it social. Social will create the business practices of the future. For now we will call it social business but in the future it will just be business

This social business site is focused around ideas to help improve the way people do business using social theories and ideas. Some of the content focuses on the personal benefits of using social and some will be the benefits to an organisation.

If you find anything you would like me to consider for inclusion in this blog please feel free to contact me.

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About Chris Heffer

Finding ways to help accelerate the usefulness of social media to the business world is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I love to find new possibilities as to how social media data can help shape the future of business. I believe that when businesses unlock the potential of all the social media data out there it will be the biggest thing to business since the internet.

The business world of the future will be full of customers, who will come to expect a level of personalised service currently reserved for the rich and famous. They will expect to have more honest, open and transparent ways of doing business. They will be empowered to buy what they want, how they want and when they want.

It is not about having a social media strategy; it is about aligning social to your business strategy.   Click to tweet this quote

“Social is NOT a tool set it is a mind-set”   Click here to tweet this quote

I tweet and write about ways in which social culture and technology can help improve the way you do business. If you would like to find out more about me and what I believe in please follow me on twitter or subscribe to my blog using the links on the right.

This site gives me an place to document the most interesting, useful and inspiring information I find along my journey.

For a full career bio please visit my LinkedIn profile.

I am currently working on my own start up company itiswhatit.is where we are building extendedwarrantycomparison.co.uk


I still remember the day my design & technology teacher showed me how to set up my first Yahoo email address when I was at school. I remember asking him how much I had to pay for it.  I started experimenting building websites in around 2003 using Yahoo Geocities. I was the first person I knew who had a website. I used to tell people to visit my site and people used to sign the guestbook. This guestbook was a lot of peoples’  first chance to experience user generated content on the internet. This content creation forms the fundamentals of what Facebook and all other social networking sites are built upon. I joined MySpace in 2004 and used it to promote myself as a DJ, in and around London.  Around the end of my time at University I started experiment with Facebook using a pseudo name associated with my DJing. I didn’t really use it much because it wasn’t that social for me as not many of my friends were registered.  I signed up again on the 1st March 2007 for my current personal Facebook profile. This time under my actually name.

In 2006 I started experimenting again with HTML and Dreamweaver and built another website again to further promote myself as a DJ. Before I even knew what a blog was, the website has turned into site with a very basic blog-like home page. I had weekly updates as to where I was DJing that week and the track listings from the weekly radio show I used to do.

While running my own company in 2008 one of the skills I taught myself was how to market a business. I quickly figured out how to motivate people to want to share information about my business.  Before I even knew what a viral marketing campaign was, I ran  a marketing campaign which went viral on MySpace.  I got 10,000 hits within the first month. This is something I was quite proud of for achieving in a small niche start up business.

I graduated from Portsmouth University with a degree in Product Design and Innovation. I have always been into technology and interested in innovation and new ideas. Before I had an iPod or iPhone I used to compress audio files and put them onto my portable Sony Mini-disc player.  As soon as I had the money to buy an iPhone I was hooked. Shortly after I bought an iPad which has been permanently by my side where ever I go since I bought it.

Through a number of roles in a variety of industries I have been exposed to a broad spectrum different types of companies with a variety of styles and strategies.

I have always had a curious nature and a strong desire for knowledge and understanding. I find it very rewarding to find others who I can share ideas with to help them achieve their goals.

In my spare time I enjoy white water kayaking at the London 2012 facilities, scuba diving and listening to urban & dance music.

white water kayaking

White water kayaking at the London Lea Valley white water center built for the Olympic 2012 games

Scuba diving in thailand

Scuba diving in Thailand 18m under the Andaman sea

Speaker bio

If I am speaking at your event please use the bio in bold below:

Chris joined MySpace in 2004 and he has lived and breathed social ever since. He has set up and run his own business through social networks as well as on his own Social Business blog at chrisheffer.com. Whilst working as a social specialist at one of the world largest software vendor SAP he advised some of the world’s largest organisations with how they tackle social in their business. He led the marketing efforts across EMEA for the largest social business consultancy Dachis Group. He has now founded ItIsWhatIt.Is which empowers consumers to make better purchase decisions using social media analytics. He is securing his place as an up and coming thought leader/speaker within social business. His work is published amongst many industry thought leaders and analysts, across publications such as thesocialcustomer.com, mycustomer.com, business2community.com, SAP Innovation blog and dachisgroup.com

Understand more about social business on his site  – http://chrisheffer.com

Follow his tweets – www.twitter.com/theotherhef

Connect with him on LinkedIn – http://uk.linkedin.com/in/chrisheffer


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Chris Heffer 2013


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